Guaranteed Income Scheme.

Guaranteed Income Scheme

After inspection of your property by one of our experienced team we will offer you an annual rental for the initial period of one year. This will be paid by monthly instalments on the same date of each month, irrespective of whether the property is let or not, or even if the incumbent tenant has failed to pay the rent.

Guaranteed Start Date of Contract

Once Guildhall have accepted your property as suitable for the Ultimate Guaranteed Income Scheme, we guarantee, to start your contract within twenty five days, regardless of whether the property is let or not! Should the property be let earlier, the contract will commence on the date. (excluding 7th December to the 31st December)

Contract Renewal Dates

Approximately two months prior to your contract ending, we will contact you, to ascertain if you wish to continue with the Ultimate Guaranteed Scheme, and enjoy the continuous benefits, or indeed if your circumstances have changed, whereby you may wish to change your contract with us, or even require your property returned to you.

Property Inspections

Guildhall will, undertake regular inspections of your property, and reports will be kept on file. When the property is returned to you, we guarantee, any possible damage/breakages caused by the tenant, will be rectified by us, up to the value of one and a half months rent.

Inventory & Photographs

Once your property has been accepted on the Ultimate Guaranteed Scheme, Guildhall will prepare a full and detailed inventory, with meter readings taken and all utility companies notified, we will also take a comprehensive set of colour photographs.


Should a maintenance issue occur, no repairs (unless in an emergency) would be carried out, without permission from yourself. This gives you the opportunity of utilising your own contractors, or if required, Guildhall will arrange repairs for you, carried out by professional personnel, at no extra cost. A copy of the invoice would be forwarded to you, and the cost deducted from your next rental payment.

Legal Action

Guildhall will meet any costs incurred, should legal action be required to evict a tenant from the property, and during this period you will continue to receive rental income.


There are no fees or commission payable with this scheme.

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It has been brought to attention that someone is posing as Guildhall Residential Lettings and trying to set up standing orders to send money to an account in the name of Guildhall Lettings LTD. Our Legal title is Letting Locations Ltd Trading as Guildhall Residential Lettings. If you have a standing order in any name other than our official title or trading name, it is not us setting it up. We suggest you contact Action Fraud and your bank immediately if you notice anything unusual or unexpected.